The TOP 3 most powerful effects you will experience immediately after attending my video workshops

  • You will be able to make confident decisions about multiple aspects of your business because you will be empowered with a higher level of knowledge and understanding of subjects that are critical to your business success

  • As a consequence of your new empowered state, a whole world of opportunities and choices that you didn’t even know existed will open up for you and your business

  • You will have more money to invest on other priorities because you will no longer have to rely on expensive external agencies or consultants, or at least not as much as before

My online video workshops are perfect for you if...

  • TIME

    You are looking to grow practical and applicable skills quickly without having to "go back to school"


    You are able to set aside time in your busy schedule to learn at your own pace and when it best suits you


    You don't have thousands of dollars to spend on traditional education or expensive consulting agencies

Watch Intro Video

Hi, I am Giovanna Toldi

May I introduce myself?

I have been living and breathing marketing in a variety of shapes and forms since 1992, when I moved from Italy to Minnesota (USA) to study a Bachelor of Science (Marketing major). My career started humbly in 1996 producing sales reports at the HQ of the largest banking group in USA at the time (US Bank). From there, I have continually challenged myself and my own growth by moving into a variety of roles across Marketing, Distribution and Product & Pricing. Three continents and eight employers later, today I find fulfilment in helping out small and medium sized businesses achieve their dreams through my expert advice. I am strongly focused on tangible outcomes, such as rapidly growing sales by several million dollars at one of the most respected, largest and longest standing organizations in South Australia; or launching one of the best convention centre in the world to 18,000 guests using the power of digital marketing; or growing a small B2C wine event in South Australia into the largest and most awarded B2C wine event in the country; or fully revamping a failing online business that went from a miserable $30,000 in sales to over $200,000 in just 10 months (and $500,000 in 2 years). After over 25 years in the field of Marketing, I see the world through the lens of the 4 Ps... and honestly? I love it! This passion translates into profound drive and commitment to give 100% of my best to myself, my employer, my audience and my clients. Always.