• What is the difference between a course and a workshop on Strategia Toldi?

    Great question! I focus on creating workshops rather than courses, where I take you through a progressive, step-by-step build up of your strategy so by the end of the workshop you have developed something tangible to work with immediately. To me, a course is simply a general overview and introduction to a specific topic and it's great for beginners, however it does not provide you with the necessary level of depth beyond some theoretical understanding.

  • How long do I have access to my course or workshop after I have enrolled?

    I understand that sometimes things get in the way, but I also want you to get the value and the outcome you were looking for when you purchased the workshop. Access is granted for 6 months, which is plenty of time to go over the material multiple times if need be. If you need an extension, I am very happy to accommodate that, all you need to do is to contact me with your enrollment details at

  • What level of experience do I need to attend your workshops?

    Zero experience required! My workshops are and will always be designed for business professionals, owners and operators that have no or limited exposure to such topics and wish to learn quickly from an "expert" bypassing the years of study and practice it took me.

  • How is your content structured?

    My workshops and courses will always be composed of video modules, workbook and templates (where relevant). I am focused on providing engaging, face-to-face content with lots of real world examples rather than impersonal and generic slide presentations. In addition, you can follow the content on mobile, desktop or tablet. For example if you are driving and would like to listen to a video again, you can do so easily from your mobile.

  • Are your workshops industry specific?

    My workshops are designed to make you think strategically and therefore they are not designed for any specific industry because they can benefit any type of business in any industry, B2C and B2B. During my workshops I do like to use examples from a variety of industries, contexts and refer back to past experience. I believe my extensive, practical experience is what makes the difference compared to many "online courses" out there.

  • What currency are your workshops charged on?

    For tax purposes, I am based in Australia therefore my prices are in Australian dollars. Your credit card operator will apply the exchange rate, which you will be able to see from your credit card statement.

  • Who is Thinkific?

    Thinkific is the #1 e-learning platform in the world and the one I use to deliver my learning content. When you sign up for a course or workshop of mine, you are actually creating an account with Thinkific. You only need to do this once and there is no cost to you to be able to use this platform.

  • Can I pay for my workshop in installments?

    Unfortunately at this stage this is not available. If and when it will become available in the future, this payment option will be clearly laid out on the course landing page. It is my intention to make this feature available in the future.

  • Do you have a Terms & Condition policy?

    Yes, I have a detailed policy which you can view before you decide to pay for a course or workshop.