Five 'Must-Know' before you start your e-commerce business

It's a no-brainer...if you haven't done so yet, you should really consider taking your business online. While many organizations have done so already, and global leading companies are investing heavily in sophisticated technology platforms powered by the latest AI applications, the reality is that many SME still struggle with understanding how digital commerce works and its potential role within the business structure. But Covid-19 has thrown a spanner, with many small businesses needing to pivot online very quickly just to survive. If this is you, how can you get started with the right foot? This short course equips you with the kind of strategic thinking you must do before you get going too quickly.
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What you will learn

Five 'Must-Know' before you start your e-commerce business

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    • Assess your situation, why and if you should pivot online

    • Understand your STP and Marketing Mix

    • Practical questions before you start

    • WordPress and Shopify

    • The importance of being visible

    • Measuring your Return on Investment