A must-know for any person who wants to profitably grow their business

How to make sure you don't waste money and time doing the wrong things by simply understanding what your customers want throughout their buying cycle

Do you ever get stuck because you don't know how to move forward in your business? You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors but are not sure how? Maybe you are confused on where you should allocate your limited resources or which social channel you should focus your efforts on? Or perhaps, you simply want to attract more buying customers but you are not entirely sure where to go get them... Understanding who your ideal customers are and how THEY move throughout the buying journey is definitely the right starting point to unlock all sorts of answers. So how do you map their journey? This workshop tells you exactly that! This is a must-know for any business, large or small.
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What you will learn about

#1 Introduction to customer journey mapping for small and medium business owners and operators

  • 1


    • A teeny beetsy bit about me so you know I know what I am talking about!

  • 2

    Let's get into it!

    • Why CX (customer experience) is vital for your business

    • Introduction to the concept of 'mapping' a customer journey

    • Let's define what CX (customer experience) is in more details!

    • Learn how to break down a customer journey into key phases

    • Learn about market segmentation and customer personas

    • The 7 "drilling" questions you must always ask

  • 3

    Mapping the customer buying journey

    • Mapping the customer buying journey - part 1

    • Mapping the customer buying journey - part 2

    • Mapping the customer buying journey - part 3

    • Mapping the customer buying journey - part 4

    • The "end" of the buying journey - now what?

  • 4

    Final tips & advice

    • Final tips and advice

    • Bonus E-Book: How to improve your customer's experience

  • 5

    How was it?

    • Post masterclass survey

Bonus E-book

  • "How to improve your customers' experience"

    This 20-page e-book written by me is for you to keep once you sign up for the course. It replicates the content of my video course, so you can go back to it even after course access has expired

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Why this short course is a great opportunity to get familiar with customer journey mapping


An incredibly valuable exercise

Jason Bird, GM National Wine Centre of Australia

Very happy, I thought that the preparation was fantastic. I also particularly liked the references to (hidden), which provided a language for us to describe our customer groups. We will be doing the exercise again for our other products. I very much feel we got value from this investment.

Clever, passionate and very helpful

Mark Aiston, Journalist and Owner of Mediainsider

After years in media and TV, I teach the trick of the trade through my own media training business. It was time to relook at my marketing strategy and I worked with Giovanna. She is clever, knowledgeable, very experienced, has a down to earth approach and explains things very clearly. I found her very, very helpful.

I was completely stuck before, now I know exactly what I need to do

Betty Furno, Director Fairytale Drops Photography

I have always been really good at selling but lack the strategic thinking experience. This workshop has really made me think about so many moving parts to my business and my customers' expectations and needs. Now I know how to move forward, thank you Giovanna!

Massive thumbs up, she delivers!

Marco di Maio, Founder and CEO of IMPRESA

In my experience, Giovanna got me to the answers I needed by asking the right questions. And the sense of ownership (and pride!) that came with the feeling of “breaking the code” on my own (with her guidance) was probably worth just as much as the information provided.