#2 Advanced workshop: segmentation, personas and customer journey mapping for small business owners and operators

Build your own customer journey map through my step-by-step process; turn your map into an actionable plan designed to grow your business

In this highly practical workshop, I will take you through every single step I use to build a reliable customer journey map. We start with identifying the right customers, building their profiles, understanding what they mean for your business and where we go get more information about them; Then we move through each phase of their buying journey individually and we map out the customer’s needs, wants and expectations at each stage; Finally, we turn our findings and decisions into selected actions and create a structured plan for you and your team to implement across a period of time
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What you will learn in this workshop

(Please note: while the video content adds up to about 2 hours, the process I teach you will take you at least 1 to 2 days of work)

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    Let's get started!

    • Why is Cx vital for your business - introduction to this workshop

    • Target market segmentation - theory and practical exercise

    • Breaking down your segments into defined buyers personas - theory and practical exercise

    • Apply your buyer personas to your market (includes secret tips that will make your work so much easier!)

    • Validate your work with internal and external data - theory and practical exercise

    • Begin mapping out your customer buying journey - theory and practical exercise

    • Detailed explanation and examples of each buying journey phase - theory and practical exercise

    • Unpacking your customer needs, expectations, barriers, touchpoints and opportunities at each phase of the journey - theory and practical exercise

    • Practical demonstration of a customer journey map using real life examples

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    Let's wrap it all up!

    • How to structure the outcomes of this exercise into an actionable plan

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    How was it?

    • Post workshop survey

How this workshop will benefit your business

  • When you understand what drives your target market’s behaviour, you are able to create and implement content, services and experiences that attract, retain and satisfy the customers you are after

  • When you understand your customer’s buying journey, you can decide with confidence where to allocate your time and money and which initiatives support the delivery of the customer experience and achievement of your business goals

  • A customer journey mapping exercise creates alignment, ownership and collaboration across your team because everyone is palying a role in designing and delivering that amazing experience

The proof is in the pudding, they say...

...so hear what my clients have to say about me

An incredibly valuable exercise

Jason Bird, GM National Wine Centre of Australia

Very happy, I thought that the preparation was fantastic. I also particularly liked the references to (hidden), which provided a language for us to describe our customer groups. We will be doing the exercise again for our other products. I very much feel we got value from this investment.

Clever, passionate and very helpful

Mark Aiston, Journalist and Owner of Mediainsider

After years in media and TV, I teach the trick of the trade through my own media training business. It was time to relook at my marketing strategy and I worked with Giovanna. She is clever, knowledgeable, very experienced, has a down to earth approach and explains things very clearly. I found her very, very helpful.

I was completely stuck before, now I know exactly what I need to do

Betty Furno, Director Fairytale Drops Photography

I have always been really good at selling but lack the strategic thinking experience. This workshop has really made me think about so many moving parts to my business and my customers' expectations and needs. Now I know how to move forward, thank you Giovanna!

Massive thumbs up, she delivers!

Marco di Maio, Founder and CEO of IMPRESA

In my experience, Giovanna got me to the answers I needed by asking the right questions. And the sense of ownership (and pride!) that came with the feeling of “breaking the code” on my own (with her guidance) was probably worth just as much as the information provided.